My Block Recordz

At 1:15am Jan. 26th 2017, Daraja Hakizimana made his 1st appearance back on the Austin, Texas music scene, blessed the stage and ripped the Famingo Catina audience. Daraja peformed ALL-New Material including "All The Bullshit" from the forth coming project "Tha Bossplayaz - Bossplayaz Season" & "Good Shit" from the unreleased project "Tha Package" both courtesy of The My Block Recordz Establishment (#MBR) #myblockplaya Show info: Dj Ben "McNasty" Buck --Hosts - DC & Dev Tha Rev Freestyle Cypher Performances by : Grimnasty, Dat Boi P & Mr. C, MaYhem, Killa K $, Aggie, Sith Assassins, J.p. Tha Pyrexican, LV Da Boss, Yung Six, Gorilla Solijas, Valor Alan, Def-I, feat from Jakk Swiss & Daraja of tha Coughee Brothaz - Etc----- All just $5