MY BLOCK RECORDZ - #MBR Tha Record Label (The Factory, Kitchen, Lab, Bakery, etc.)

Throughout history, artists have been mechanisms by which we as a people find limitless expression. My Block Records epitomizes this spirit of infinite RAW illustrations through music, poetry, art, and movement. Born out of the local Shades of Blackness communal spoken word atmosphere at the Shrines of the Black Madonna in Houston, TX, My Block Records has been the independent artists open door for getting their message RAW to the minds and souls of the world. The label supports a diverse group of artists satisfying the palates of our ever more diverse world. The musical artists include Daraja Hakizimana, The Coughee Brothaz, S.A.R (Supreme & Righteous), WhereDough?, Club 803, That Boy Cayse, Flynn-D, Geno, Teeze Fresh and a host of other musicians, poets, and artists from the Houston Area. My Block Recordz is growing almost as quickly as its local fan base and is sure to make its trail in the Music Industry..........MBR (KeepItplaya~)

$TYLJA aka Daraja Hakizimana - Producer/Rapper/Singer/Musician/All the above

WhereDough? - Poet/MC/Singer

Club 803 - Electronica/Neo-Soul/New-Jack Swing/R&B


Londen - Writer/Rapper/Singer

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