NEW MUSIC!!! Hang On To Your Love - $TYLJA (Inspired by Sade & Larry June)

Produced by $TYLJA for Crew$tyle Productions Written by Daraja Hakizimana Mixed & Mastered by $TYLJA DJ Scratches by $TYLJA Recorded at #4CornerRoomStudios, Houston Texas, 77033

Contains Sample: Hang on to Your Love by Sade Drums, Percussion: David Early Composer,
Lyricist: Helen Adu Percussion: Martin Ditcham Composer, Lyricist: Stuart Matthewman Drums: Paul Cooke Trumpet: Gordon Matthewman
Producer: Robin Millar Engineer: Mike Pela Assistant Engineer:
Pete Brown Assistant Engineer: Simon Driscoll

From the Long- Awaited Project "Shaka Zulu - $TYLJA" courtesy of the #MyBlockRecordz +#MBRRecordings + #MBRTunes & the #MBR Establishment Art "Keith" from the The Dolo Collection by Daraja Hakizimana #stylja #thabossplayaz #shakazulu #darajahakizimana #DAJAP #thedolocollection

Inspired by Sade & Larry June

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