Gotta Go (Lyrics) by Dee Rail feat. Dr.Siaka, Daraja & Chief

Intro: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You know I'm out the do'......I gotta go. (x4) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Verse 1: Dee RaiL ~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's bout time for me to dip. I ain't accomplished shit layin' around all day over here with you in ya crib. We smokin' and starin' at each other this isn't even we planned to do, but you don't wanna be seen out in public. So we in ya house chillin and I'm kind of bored but you're breakin' me of from outcha sack so I'm kind of floored. Long sessions which include smokin', sex and brew. Sniff and you'll smell the aroma concocted between us 2. It's seepin' through the house. and the neighbors say they knew, but you ain't. You got me and I gotchu, but when we get through doin' what the fuck we do. You know I gotta make my exit stage left and thank the audience too. So most likely I'mma be tied up until we meet again. and if you wanna hook up in the future, just bring a friend. Cuz, I'mma be up with my brothers, sippin' coughee. Gettin' iLL and Faded. Sincerely yours, the realest David ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Refrain: Dr Siaka ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I gotta go Where I'm goin' I don't know but I gotta go Go with the flow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Verse 2: Daraja Hakizimana ~~~~~~~~~~~ It's been a long day, and I'm tired of ya trippin' I just came home from work and she's already bitchin' Bullshittin' I been so ready to go like "fuck this hoe" Go do another show or in the studio, yo just doin my thang You only gots one life and you gotsta live it mayne! Times gettin' harder and the people not gettin' smarter. You let a mother fucker make it and next time it goes farther. To go means: yo just simply to leave. and to stay.....nowadays yo that shit ain't me. I thought about it deeply 'til it stressed my mind and now I'm thinkin' about leavin' this bitch for the 5th damn time. around and 'round......we just seem to go I take another puff......and try not to let it show so ready to flow.....and give it all I got so ready to go....yo bitch I'm out ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Refrain: Dr Siaka ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I gotta go Where I'm goin' I don't know but I gotta go Go with the flow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Verse

3: Chief ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday evening: Relaxin' and groovin' to one of Coache's beats. Writin' down the adjectives and nouns that really mirror me. Basically grindin', but baby don't like that. Tellin' me I'm cheatin' on her.... Sweetie it ain't like that. All I wanna do is make millions by the 2's, Come on back to you and get stuck like some glue. Who knew that in the end we got to do wwhat we did? took you on up out the focus. Got you plush up in the benz Toldya friends that I was excelente Mucho Plenty butchu actin' like my heart is empty. Lend me your ears instead of your heart simply Searchin' through ya car found the condom empty Damn I just bought that fuckin car. and I ain't been home to even get a cent up out the car. Packed up everything and really wanted her to show. What's all the bags fo'? It's time I gotta go! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Refrain: Dr Siaka ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I gotta go Where I'm goin' I don't know but I gotta go Go with the flow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

credits from The DeeRaiL Project, released 20 April 2010 Produced By_ Coache Johnson