Like HOTT CAKES: Daraja Releases Anotha Treat "The Intermission"!! 


Everyone knows good food takes time, and its no different for Daraja Hakizimana as he drops anotha classis for the fans, hustlers, poets, musicians, artist and just you're everday working man..or woman. Paying homage to DJ SCREW, Daraja teams up with newcomer TheiiiZim, mainly known for choppin and doin his versions of DJ SCREW mixes. Daraja Hakizimana thought he would be perfect for this project. So let the games begin or let the streaming go!


NEW MUSIC!!!! Pattie Labelle by JB aka Jamez Bond!! 

JB aka Jamez Bond is heating up the internet with his new single "Pattie Labelle" from the forth coming project "Fedd Up - Jamez Bond" courtesy of The Untouchable My Block Recordz Organization. Take a listen!!


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